7 Ways to Capture More Clients Through Your Website

Simple ways to generate more business from your website. Implementing just the first one is proven to increase your conversion rate (from website visitor to potential client) by 30%!

Write for the web. People scan websites. They don’t read them so:

  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Simple easy-to-understand language. No acronyms or tech-speak
  • Headings and bulleted lists
  • Avoid large chunks of text which are offputting to new visitors. If you want to provide detailed information add it to subpages which your visitors will go to once they feel comfortable with your website
  • White space – leave some clear space to let your website visitors breathe

Call to Action – You don’t want a “So What?” website. A website your visitors like but then forget about. Sprinkle Calls To Action throughout. At least one per page. Call me, email me. Or ideally set up a lead magnet where they give you their email details in return for a free report/product/ebook.

Images – Use images that complement your text. A professional headshot is essential.

Contact details – on every page. Ideally top right. Provide email, phone and social media contact details for the channels you use. Different people like to make contact in different ways so make it easy for them by providing as many ways to contact you as possible.

Benefits – your website should not be about you. It should be about how you can help your potential clients. Acknowledge your website visitor’s pain or problem and explain how you can fix it.

Trust – show that you can be trusted.  Your ‘About’ page is crucial here. It’s usually the second page website visitors look at. They like what they see on your home page and want to find out more about you. Build trust with a helpful and friendly writing style, details of your experience and qualifications and…..

Testimonials are online golddust! The best websites have a testimonials page, rotating testimonials snippets on every page (in a footer or sidebar) and include them in their website text too.  Credible testimonials are the most powerful converter of casual visitors to clients.



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