Refresher Workshop

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We will reprise our previous workshop 

  • How to make your website compelling, persuasive and user-friendly so that the casual website visitor becomes a happy client. How to write impactful content for your website will be a major focus.
  • Blogging – how to set up a blog and writing impactful content for it. How to come up with engaging ideas and linking your blog to social media
  • Setting up an email marketing system using Mailchimp. This is the most effective form of online marketing. 40 times better than social media for getting new clients!
  • How to save time by Repurposing Your Content.”  Use your written content in multiple ways so that you get maximum benefit from it.
  • Social media – choosing the right channels for your business getting your message to your ideal client, attracting people to your website and email list 
  • Putting processes in place to streamline your online marketing and save lots of time
  • Analytics – don’t work in the dark! Check to see how things are working and how to improve your results

In the second part we will focus on writing YOUR marketing strategy using a simple template.

Benefit from interaction with and ideas from your fellow trainees.

Plus plenty of coffee, fruit and biscuits to keep you going!

Get your online marketing strategy sorted. Finally!  

Tickets cost just £25  

This is a small group workshop and places are limited to 6.