5 Steps to a Super-Successful Online Marketing Strategy!

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Do you feel that you are not getting the business you should from your website and social media?

You’d like to improve your online presence but:

  • Web developers and social media experts bamboozle you with jargon
  • There are too many choices in an environment of seemingly constant change
  • It’s confusing, time-consuming and scary!

Don’t panic!

My 5 Steps workshop is designed to take the fear and confusion out of online marketing. In this workshop I will explain, in clear and simple English, how you can make your website and social media work really well for you and your business.

You will learn:

  • How to make your website compelling, persuasive and user-friendly so that the casual website visitor becomes a happy client
  • How to target your social media so that you get more traffic to your website and more customers
  • About blogging and email marketing and whether they are right for you and your business

Absolutely no tech-speak. I promise!

Next workshop – November 23rd 2018

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“Marie kept it simple. No jargon. Very informative and interactive.”

Kerry Kyriaciou, Business Development Adviser

“I liked the workshop structure, the handouts,the openness of the other participants. And Marie’s knowledge!”

Gary Jowett, Director CNC IT Support

  “Marie demystified the world of online marketing!”  

Jenny Edwards, Business Coach

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Create the right online marketing strategy for YOUR business