A SImple Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

Online marketing is three things – your website, social media and email marketing.

Your Website

Purpose to provide information about your business.

  • Explain how you help people. Keep it clear and simple. Describe their problem, how you fix it and how great they will feel afterwards.  Focus on the benefits of what you offer.  Find out more 
  • Use your website to build trust so that your website visitors feel confident in buying from you.  Testimonials, clear contact details, a personable, authentic About page. Maybe a blog.  Find out more
  • Include Calls to Action – one on every page – to encourage potential clients to get in touch, or to take some action e.g. download a free checklist

Email Marketing/ Newsletters

Purpose to keep in touch with your most likely ‘prospects.’  A list of clients, ex-clients and potential clients.

“The money is in the list.”  Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing

  • Send regular emails to your list with content that will be of interest and value to them.  Over 90% of interested potential customers are not ready to buy when they first come across you. Regular emails keep you in touch with them so that, when they are ready to buy, you will be top of mind.

Social Media

Purpose to raise awareness of your business and encourage people to find out more about you.

Social media can create an engaged community who become your customers and cheerleaders, sharing your posts across their networks.

  • Choose 1 or 2 social media channels and do them well.  If you’re not sure which is best for your business:
    • Facebook and Instagram work well for Business to Consumer businesses.  Facebook is best for an older audience, Instagram for the under 30’s.
    • LinkedIn is designed for Business to Business connections
    • Twitter works well for both and is used by all age groups.
  • Post a variety of content on social media. Combine some promotional items with interesting and helpful ones.
  • Build your online social network by sharing relevant content from other people.

How Am I Doing?

It’s really important that you check the impact and results of your marketing efforts. There are lots of free tools available to help you measure your results:

  • Google Analytics – gives you a fantastic range of information about visits to your website.  Find out more
  • Email – Mailchimp, Aweber and other e-marketing systems give you useful information on open rates and clickthroughs.
  • Facebook and Instagram Insights and Twitter Analytics give you information on the numbers of people who have liked and shared your posts, how many new followers you’ve acquired and lots more.
Once a month, or once a quarter, step back and review. See what has worked well. So that you are constantly learning and improving. And getting even better results!
If you’d like some help setting up a marketing process for your business, I offer a range of Online Marketing services, including monthly packages to suit all budgets.  Get in touch for more information.

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