An Interesting Fact About Websites…

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by Marie Allen

Website users like facts! Getting people to stay on your website long enough to pick up the key information about your business is hard. Most people stay on a website for less than 3 seconds. The interesting thing is, you can win them over with……interesting facts. Not blah blah marketing messages but hard data.

Recent research by the Nielsen Norman group shows that website users skim past lines of marketing-oriented text, but home in on statistics and hard facts. They give the example of the BMW website which provides thorough information on safety. For instance, it explains exactly how their “Head-Up Display” means that you take your eyes off the road for less time. Website readers really liked this because it is not just a selling point. It is interesting and makes you think.

Eye-tracking studies show that website readers are actually attracted by numbers in content. Why? Because numbers usually represent facts.

So check out your web content in the light of this research.

Is your content mostly promotional? Or do you give people interesting background information and stats about your services and products? Information that makes them want to find out more about you and what you offer.

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