Building a Sense of Trust


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How to Build a Sense of Trust through your website and online presence 


Being consistent in your communications is key to presenting a professional and trustworthy image. Check your website, your Google My Business page, your social media profiles, your newsletter. Do they all present the same clear message about what you offer?

About Page

Your About page is crucial.  Research shows that it is usually the second page people look at when visiting a small business website. Include your professional qualifications, membership of professional organisations and networking groups.  Inject some personality, so that you come across as a real person, not a faceless organisation. Share your passion for what you do, and why you do it. Be very clear about how you can help your website visitors. And how you love to help!

A professional headshot photo is essential so people can relate to you on a personal level. A short video is also great – the next best thing to actually meeting you!

Solid Contact Details

To show that you are a bona fide business three key elements are  required. A phone number, ideally a landline number, a postal address (use a mailing address if you don’t want to give out your home address) and an email address on your website domain e.g. Not a gmail address!

Include social media links for the social channels which you use.  Many people prefer to get in touch through social.  They can also check out your profile and posts and get a feel for the way you work.


These are Online Golddust!  Testimonials are fantastic for building a sense of trust.  Use full names and their location if possible to give your testimonials maximum impact.


A blog is a great way to build a trusting relationship with your website visitors. A regular blog provides a bank of content for the casual website visitor to skim through, so that they immediately get a feel for your expertise and experience.

Incorporate these ‘Trustworthiness Signals’ into your your website and online presence, so that you stand out from the competition for all those who are looking for a business they will feel truly comfortable working with.

Get in touch or book a Clarity call with me if you’d like some help making your website and online presence Totally Trustworthy.

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