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Whatever happened to Google+


Do you remember when Google+ was the next “Big Thing.”  The mighty Google had created a new social networking product that was going to overtake Facebook and Twitter because it was newer and better. And well, it was Google. Things didn’t quite work out like that, and now Google+ has been consigned to the digital scrapheap. The consumer version is being shut down over a 10-month period.

Which is a shame, because it had some really good features. It’s difficult to pinpoint why Google+ failed while other new products have taken off, like Instagram and Snapchat. But fail it did, despite having the backing of one of the most successful digital companies in the world behind it.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because it demonstrates very clearly that you can’t rely on social networking products for your marketing. If you are one of the unfortunate businesses that invested a lot of time and effort in Google+, sadly that is now wasted. The connections you made in your Google+ ‘Circles’ as they were known, the content you posted and shared. All lost.

To avoid the loss of your content and connections make sure that your website is the focus of all your online marketing. Don’t rely on social media.

Your content is safe if it’s on your website.Your connections are safe if they are on your e-mail marketing list. You own your website. You own your email marketing list. But, at the end of the day, your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers are owned by Facebook and Twitter. So are all your posts and tweets.

Here’s what the Online Copywriting blog Copyblogger says:

“Anyone can create content on sites like Facebook, but that content effectively belongs to Facebook. The more content we create for free, the more valuable Facebook becomes. We do the work, they reap the profit.”

Social media can be a great marketing tool. But use it wisely and, when you can, point your social connections to your blog and website. And encourage them to sign up to your list. Then you can be sure that they won’t disappear!


My Facebook Page Can Disappear?!!


Many owners of startup businesses today wonder if they really need to invest in a website, when a free Facebook page seems to offer the same benefits.

A Facebook page gives you access to millions of internet users and if you can persuade a number of users to “like” your page then you can provide them with a constant flow of interesting information about your business. Why bother with a website?

Well firstly, as soon as those users who “liked” your page stop visiting it, or slow down the number of likes and comments they make on your posts, Facebook will start to take your posts out of their newsfeed. So your Facebook page no longer has the reach you want.

Secondly, the “brand experience” a Facebook business page gives is limited. It will have your logo, and posts and photos which reflect your brand, but it doesn’t give the full breadth of information about your business that a website does. The specific information a potential customer is looking for may not be there.

Thirdly, the search engines are far more likely to pick up a website that has been optimised correctly for SEO, than a Facebook business page. Your website can be tailored for the exact type of content your potential customers are looking for.

Finally and most importantly…

Your Facebook page can disappear!!

This is what happened recently to the Facebook page of social media magazine Social Media Examiner in the United States. It had over 380,000 fans!

You’ll be relieved to know it’s now back!

But the important thing to realise is that you need to own your online presence. And ownership is what a website provides.

Online marketing expert Mari Smith says,

“Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are all excellent ways to reach potential and existing customers and they are likely an important part of your marketing plan. But we don’t actually “own” any of our audiences there, which is why it’s key to use these channels to drive traffic back to our own website and to collect email addresses.”

As long as your website is secure (to stop those hackers getting to it) and backed up regularly, it won’t disappear!

A well-maintained Facebook business page can be a great marketing asset, but you can never own it. It belongs to Facebook while your website belongs to you.