Forget keywords for Search Engine Optimisation!

How Google is relying less on keywords

Yes!  Recent refinements to Google’s algorithm, and the advent of a new tool called RankBrain,means Google will sometimes provide relevant results where the search term isn’t even on the page.Rankbrain uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to work out what the user is looking for so it may come up with something that doesn’t include the words they typed in the search box!

It’s early days and the advice still is to use your keyword or phrase at least once on the page. But Google will recognise synonyms and related words and may in fact penalise “unnatural sounding content..

Here’s an exact quote from Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines:

Pages created with the intent of luring search engines and users, rather than providing meaningful main content to help users, should be rated Lowest.

As ever, the important thing is to write web pages that are relevant and useful to your target audience, and of high quality.

Final Tip …..

A well-written list of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) is a great way to keep Google happy.




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