Keep ’em Reading Your Website!

You want people to spend time reading your website don’t you? So that they find out all about you and the great service you offer.

Ideally, they move on from reading your website to making contact with you, and then to buying from you.

How do you move people along this path?

Here are three golden rules for moving your website visitors from reading your website to buying from you.

  1. Show that you understand the problem that they want solved

In the first few lines of your web copy explain the problem that you know you can solve. Spell out exactly how annoying it is and show that you understand their pain.

This then blends into the second golden rule…

  1. Let them know they’re not the only one struggling with this

And that they’re not an idiot to still be looking for a solution! Tell them about others who’ve experienced the same problem. Use “we” and “us” – it’s not their problem, it’s our problem. Make them feel comfortable as they read.

  1. Finally, you need to show them that you can fix their pain. And why they should choose you

Use case studies and client feedback to show you have the expertise they need. And, just as importantly, that you can be trusted.

Explain, empathise, convert

The path from reading your website to becoming a client.


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