My Top Three Tips To Boost Your SEO

“How do I get my website higher up the search engine rankings?”

This is the question I am asked more than any other (by far!)

Search Engine Optimisation is generally seen as difficult, something of a black art. But the truth is that Google is actually looking to make its search rankings easier to understand and more transparent.

Google wants its search results to answer the questions people are asking, so three top things Google looks for are:

  1. Quality content – well written and well structured web content that is easy to understand
  2. Content that is updated frequently – up-to-date, relevant content shows that your website is an active and helpful resource
  3. “Long-tail keywords” or “keyphrases” – Google is moving away from a simple focus on one or two keywords.

Choose “keyphrases” that your customers use and which they might enter in the search field. For example, instead of using “pizza” as a keyword how about “woodfired authentic Italian pizza?”

Long-tail keywords attract more targeted website traffic – people who are looking for exactly what you are offering.

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