Stand Out in the Search Engine Listings!

You’ve probably noticed that Google’s search engine results pages have changed, giving more prominence to paid-for ads.

The good news is that this makes a little more space available in your listing – to promote your business!

There are now paid-for ads at the top (usually 3) which are repeated at the bottom of the page. The ads on the right hand side have been removed.

Losing these ads means that the page is wider, giving more space for your website’s page titles and descriptions. Precious real estate on a key web page. Make the most this opportunity to grab people’s attention and persuade them to click on YOUR website!

You can control the wording that appears under your website’s name and url, known as the Google “snippet.” This wording comes from your web page titles and descriptions, which you can edit through the WordPress editor, or other content management system.

You can make your business really stand out by making sure that your page titles and descriptions are clear and compelling. Put out a strong message about the benefits your business offers. Include a “Call to Action.” Maybe include your phone number.

If you don’t have specific page descriptions in place Google will pick up some text from the relevant web page, normally the first line, which may or may not get the right message across.
So don’t leave it to chance. Take control of your search results listing!

Note: If you make changes to your page titles and descriptions you will need to wait until Google next visits your site for them to be picked up

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