The Seven C-crets of a Successful Website

By Marie Allen

Everyone wants to know the secrets of a successful website! Here we go……..

1. Compelling Copy

It’s not the look and feel of your website that converts visitors to clients. It’s what you say and how you say it. Compelling copy that grabs the attention and persuades your readers to find out more is the sine qua non of a successful website.

2. Credibility

The number one turnoff for a website is a lack of credibility. Can your website visitors believe what you say, and trust you? Testimonials are vital here. Include full name, date and ideally a photo. Also make your contact details credible, including a landline phone number (mobile numbers look dodgy) and full postal address.

3. Calls to Action

There is no point in someone liking your website if they DO NOTHING as a result. Have calls to action on every page. “Call me now on …” or “Sign Up Here” for a free product or service to entice  them to part with their precious e-mail address.

4. Camera Time

Include photos, or even better video, to give personality and credibility to your business. People buy people. The more they feel that they know you and can trust you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

5. Competition – Check It Out

Make clear to your website visitors what you offer that the competition don’t. Make your website different from your competitors, in a good way! Personal service, fast turnaround, expert knowledge, your business values, your offers and promotions – whatever it is, make a big deal of it on your website. Don’t be shy. Remember you are just one of many on their search results list.

6. Content Updates

Forgotten by so many in the rush of everyday business life, but soooo important. Nothing will turn people away quicker than out-of-date information on your website. It looks seriously unprofessional to have last year’s training courses still listed on a web page. And as your business changes keep your website updated, so that it always presents a fresh and interesting image.

7. Crystal Clear Contact Details

The purpose of your website is to get people to make contact with you – right? So make it easy for them!  As a bare minimum have your phone number and e-mail address on every page, ideally top right of your header. If you’re on social media networks publicise those too – Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn. Different people like to get in touch in different ways so make it easy for them, whatever their preferred method is. That way you will reach the widest possible audience.

Put these seven “C-crets” into practice on your website and see the difference they will make to your web sales. Even just one or two will have an effect!

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