Three Ways to Give Your Business an Online Headstart!


1.  Happy customers lead to more customers!

Testimonials from satisfied clients are the most powerful way to persuade people to buy from you.  Check out your customer feedback and testimonials.

  • Are they displayed in a prominent place on your website?  Are you using them on social media too?
  • Have you gathered all the positive feedback you could?  If not, get in touch with recent happy clients and ask them for some!

Ninja tip #1 – Gather snippets from client reviews in a spreadsheet and put them out as occasional social media posts.  A scheduling tool like Hootsuite makes this even easier.

Ninja tip #2  –  Include your client’s location in their testimonial on your website for extra local search engine pickup.

More about the power of testimonials in this Can Your Website Be Trusted? blog post.

2.  Consistency is the key 

Are you sending out a consistent message across all media – print, website. blog, email, social media?  Check your social media profiles.  Do they match the info on your website’s About page?  Make sure that your messaging is clear and consistent across all your marketing channels.

3.Generate some customer action!

Don’t let interested prospective clients drift away from your website or social media posts. Encourage them to do something to deepen their relationship with you before they leave.

Every page of your website and every social media post should have a Call to Action – phone me, email me, connect with me, download my freebie, read this blog post, go to this webpage.

You might find the  “Think, Feel, Act” paradigm helpful:

Think – the words you write are what you want them to think.

Feel – the image you choose shows how you want them to feel.

Act  –  the suggested action to draw them into your online community, or your sales funnel.

Testimonials from happy customers, consistent messaging and Calls to Action. Three ways to help your business get a headstart on the competition.

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