Time for a Spring Clean!

spring cleaningAs you gear up for 2014, a year of brand new business opportunities and exciting new projects, is your website up to scratch? Or could it do with a bit of a spring clean?

No, I am not suggesting for one minute that you need a brand new website every year! But a little bit of sweeping away the cobwebs and rearranging the furniture could well be in order.

Three things to think about:

  1. Has your target market changed since you wrote your web content. Does it need a little updating to reflect your current business model and to attract the right clients?
  2. Are you offering any new services or have some of your older service offerings changed? Update your website’s text to reflect that.
  3. Could your website be doing more to bring in new business? Perhaps this is a good time to introduce a blog or an email newsletter:
  • Blog – great if one of your New Year Ressies is to make more use of social media (as you can use it to drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to your website) or if you need to improve your website’s search engine ranking
  • E-mail Newsletter – great for keeping in touch with current clients and for getting the word out to potential clients. Then, when the time is right for them to buy, your business is stuck in their minds because you have taken the trouble to keep in touch with them on a regular basis

Let me know what you are doing to breathe new life into your website this January!

Have you given your website any love and attention recently? If not, it could be in need of a little TLC. Here’s my 6-point checklist for a loved and cared-for, super-successful website.

1.  Have there been some changes to your business since your last website update?

If your answer is “Yes” make those updates now, so that your website truly reflects your business as it is today.

2.  Are your contact details clear and easy to access – visible on every page?

You never know at what point in their web journey your prospects will want to contact you. Don’t risk losing them at that critical point, just because your contact details are hard to find.

3.  Have you got photos of you on your site?

Photos (and even better video!) make your business human and encourage your prospects to make contact with you. Use them on your home page especially. Don’t limit it to a little photo on your About Us page.

4.   Check that your website’s text is written in clear and simple English

The average reading age in the UK is 12. Make sure that your website text is written in short sentences and paragraphs using simple language. Avoid acronyms and industry jargon.

5.  Is there a Call to Action on your website?

“SIgn up here” for something or “Call Me Now.”  Ideally have a signup box on every page and offer something of value in return for their email address – an e-book, a free consultation etc. Once you have their email address they can be on your mailing list for ever!

6.  Finally, check your links

Check that the links on your website still work. Also it is worth checking that any links to your website from other websites, blogs and social media are still valid too. Especially if your website has new pages or the layout has changed recently. You could be losing a lot of traffic!

Giving your website a little love and attention in this way will pay big dividends in attracting website visitors and converting them into clients.

And don’t leave it too long before you pay your website some attention again! Put a “Love My Website Check“  as a once-a-month fixture in your diary. You will definitely reap the rewards.

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