Totally Trustworthy Websites

By Marie Allen

What makes website visitors who like your website, and like what you have to offer, close the webpage and go elsewhere?

Often it will be because they are just not sure that they can trust you. After all anyone can set up a website and tell the world how great they are at what they do.

So how do you make sure that your website is credible, professional and totally trustworthy?

Who Are You?

Your potential customers want to know about you – People Buy People.

Include a photo on your website and in your About page give them an impression of you as a real person, as well as giving them all the details about your expertise and your professional background.

What Do People Say About You?

Testimonials are SO important on your website. Some experts say that, if all a website had on it was a bunch of strong testimonials, it would still be a very effective website! Keep them short and relevant and include full names and company names, and if possible a photo. Or even better have video testimonials!

Where Are You?

Your contact details are absolutely key in establishing trust:


  • Publish your full office address on your website
  • If you are a limited company publish your Company registration number
  • Publish a landline telephone number (a mobile number gives the impression of a fly-by-night operator)
  • Publish an email address that matches your website name e.g. not an internet email address such as @googlemail or @btinternet. This shows that you have an established web presence.
  • Make sure that your phone number and email address are in a prominent place, ideally on every page, giving the impression of a well-established business, and making it easy for website visitors to get in touch

What Are You Saying?

Make sure that the content of your website is up-to-date and relevant to your target audience.

Nothing will turn people away quicker than out-of-date information on your website e.g. courses and events that are now history! Spelling mistakes are another huge turn-off. Both these things make you look unprofessional and will send website visitors away.

As well as these basic content faux-pas, think about how your target audience will read your content. Is it relevant to them? Does it answer their questions? Well-written content that shows that you understand your clients’ needs, and that you want to help them, will go a long way towards gaining the trust of your audience.

So for a totally trustworthy website follow these guidelines, and watch your bounce rate plummet!

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