Using Links Successfully…for SEO and a Better User Experience

When you write your own web content it is easy to forget about links. But links are really important for two reasons:

  1. Website visitors love them

Clicking on a link that takes you to a specific page gives your reader a sense of purpose. They know what they want to look at and they are taking action to get there. They arein control and they are excited to find out more about the topic they are interested in.

  1. Links boost your Search Engine Ranking

Use your keywords as the text in your clickable link then those keywords get added Google juice. So don’t say “Click here for more info.” That will do nothing for your SEO. Instead say “Cupcakes – more info” (if Cupcakes is your keyword!)

How to Insert a Link

– To insert a clickable link in WordPress. select the text you want to be highlighted as a link and then click on the link symbol in your toolbar. (It looks like a link in a chain.) You will be guided through how to add the url for the relevant page –

So use internal links generously to help your website visitors find their way around your website and give them a feeling of being “in control.”

External links (links to other websites) are great for SEO too, but that needs to be weighed against the fact that you are giving your hard-won website visitors an easy way to leave your website. And once they’re gone will they ever come back?

So definitely include lots of internal links in your web copy but use external links with caution.

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