What My Clients Say 

Marie helps me write the web pages and blogs for my website. This has enabled my ranking on Google to go higher. She edits my blogs so that they are very readable and helpful to my website visitors. She is always there to assist and help with anything you need. She offers a clear, helpful, professional service.

Doug Wright, WPS Planning February 2019

My website now reads much better. She just did her Marie thing and put it all back so that it reads better and looks better.  Working with Marie has been very beneficial and it has certainly brought me more clients, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

After nine months of working together I can say that I’ve had very good results and I would absolutely recommend Marie.

Sarah Stanley, Sarah Stanley Hypnotherapy July 2018

Whenever someone talks about setting up a new business, or that they’re looking for somebody for a website or a web designer, I point them in Marie’s direction, because copywriting is such an important element.  She listens, she gets to know and understand your business and the message you’re wanting to get across.

Many clients have told me that they chose me because of the wording on my website.

Harri Flanagan, Grapevine Therapies  March 2018

Most small business owners have a website and know that SEO is very important to get your company noticed. Unfortunately many people do not understand SEO and so have to rely on specialists to help them.

Unfortunately I wasted nearly a year and a great deal of money with a company that were ineffective and made the process difficult to understand. With Marie she came to our office, sat down and took the time to explain in ordinary language how Search Engine Optimisation works. More importantly she gave me the knowledge and the skills to do some of the work myself at my own pace.

Like most things, once someone explains something in ordinary language you understand it. Marie has been brilliant in taking the time and trouble to educate this “SEO-phobic” individual.

Most importantly, I have moved up the Google rankings significantly and I would definitely recommend Marie for your business website’s SEO.

Eric Storey, Singularis Photography, February 2017

Web Clarity –5 Steps to a Super-Successful Marketing Strategy Workshop

5 Steps to a Super-Successful Marketing Strategy

The purpose of the workshop was for local small businesses to gain a greater understanding about their online presence and marketing strategy.

There was plenty of interaction and we were able to bring real scenarios to discuss. At the same time Marie kept us on task and moving at a good pace through the content.

This interactive workshop covered lots of information so that we left with a good appreciation of the requirements for a successful online presence. We also had the opportunity of creating our own network having attended the workshop and being supported by Marie after the day.

I would recommend this workshop for any small business that needs to develop an online marketing strategy, or which needs to review its current website and online marketing.

Andrew Neal, ClubCards121, July 2016


Get Started with Twitter for Business!

Marie’s “Get Started on Twitter for Business” workshop was engaging and enjoyable. Marie listened well and adapted her knowledge and expertise as necessary for the group.

I left with a better understanding of:

  • Twitter as a social media platform
  • How best to set up my profile
  • All the Twitter jargon!

I was really excited by the concept of Twitter chats and am looking forward to using them to build my business’ online presence.

I am looking forward to attending future workshops with Marie and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Joanna Fossey, Forever Aloe Business Owner, February 2016

Marie has such a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to web positioning and how to achieve the highest Google ranking. My web presence has never been so good.”

Warren Marsh, War-Lock locksmiths, July 2015

“Marie demystified the world of online marketing!”

Jenny Edwards, Business Coach, March 2015

Marie came to the rescue with my website. I am very limited as to what words I can use to market myself, yet Marie was able to overcome this. I gave Marie the very basics and she turned what little I had given into a website that completely conveys what I do.

Intuitively Marie was able to understand what I do, and put it across in such a way that I have had many compliments on my website. Thank you Marie, you are such a brilliant wordsmith!”

Paula Adams, Energy Healer, March 2014

“I was struggling with the words for my new e-commerce website, unsure what to emphasise and what to leave out, and unsure how to encourage my website visitors to buy from me and not my competitors.

Marie provided objectivity, looking at my website from my potential customers’ point of view. She was able to turn detailed, technical information into clear, easy-to-read text, in a writing style that was both engaging and persuasive.”

Les Baillon, Velo Active Cycle Clothing, January 2013

“Marie helped me with my website content review and made great suggestions to help get my message across and make the content enjoyable to read. All of Marie’s suggestions were implemented. I was most impressed with Marie’s knowledge and her ability to use it to great effect!

Marie provided the information on time and promptly dealt with my follow up questions with answers that were clear and easy to understand. Thanks Marie for a great job!”

Steven Briginshaw, SJB Accounting, January 2013 

“I can fully recommend Marie and would like to thank her for helping me move forward with my website. Her advice is easy to understand and has been extremely beneficial to my business.”

Sophie Ward, Sophie’s Photos, March 2012

“Marie is a patient, supportive and professional individual. She worked with me tirelessly to ensure she interpreted my requirements properly and we fully delivered the desired end result. I wouldn’t have been able to make videos for YouTube or launch two new websites this summer without her by my side. Hence, I have no hesitation in recommending Marie!”

Sandra Slaughter, Zanzi Training, October 2012

“Marie’s skills and knowledge around user experience are invaluable when writing web copy for her clients. She strives to make the client’s message clear – Web Clarity indeed! It was great to work with a professional, communicative person who wants the best for her clients! I’d be happy to recommend Marie for all your copywriting needs.”

Tracey Rissik, The Simple Web Company, October 2012

“I have used Marie’s services on a number of occasions and would have no hesitation in recommending her excellent work to others.”

Michael Mylne, Ilisi Employment Law Specialists, April 2012