Video Scripts

Video is the future, with everyone accessing Youtube from their Smartphones and videoing everything that seems remotely interesting or funny!

Many switched-on businesses are taking this great opportunity to sell the benefits of their business via a website video. And a well-produced video on your home page is a real attention-grabber.

When it comes to shooting the video you will no doubt be agonising about how you look, what you should wear, how you come across “in the flesh,” but will you have you given any thought to exactly what you are going to say? A great look can be totally let down by a lack-lustre script that talks about your business in a way that makes sense to you, but leaves your potential clients cold.

Instead, enlist the services of an objective video script writer who can project your business in an engaging and friendly way.

Knowing that you have a professionally written, punchy and compelling script will give you buckets more confidence when it comes to the shoot and make the whole process much less painful!

Prices from £95 for a 2-minute video script